Annual Function

Tailoring class conducted by ‘RAJARSHI’ on every Sunday at noon time since 2006.
Evening free coaching class VII-XI conducted by ‘RAJARSHI’ for five days in week since 2004. Drawing class conducted by ‘RAJARSHI’ in every Sunday since 2007.
Free distribution of food for all on ‘RAJARSHI’s foundation day (01/01/2013). RAJARSHI s’ student reciting on foundation day (01/ 01/2013)
RAJARSHI s’ student performing dance on foundation day (01/01/2013) RAJARSHIs’ secretary Mrs. Rebati Shaw singing a song on foundation day (01/01/2013).
RAJARSHI’s teachers singing corers song on foundation day (01/01/2013). Free distribution of food for students on ‘Rajarshi’s foundation day (01/01/2013).
RAJARSHI’s student reciting on foundation day (01-01-2013). ‘RAJARSHI’s student reciting on foundation day (01-01-2013
Evening free coaching class- I-IV for five days in a week conducted by ‘RAJARSHI’ since 2004. EX- Panchyat Prodhan Mr. Ratan Barman delivering a speech on RAJARSHI s’ foundation day (01/01/2013).
Students entering to Evening free coaching class conducted by ‘RAJARSHI’ since2004. Evening free coaching class-v-vi conducted by ‘RAJARSHI’ for five days in a week since 2004.
RAJARSHIs’ students singing corers song on foundation day (01/01/2013).
Ac statement
ngo rajarshi 80 G tax relief certificatengo rajarshi block certificate
ngo rajarshi CA certificatengo rajarshi IT return 2012-13
rajarshi-gp certificate
Organizers present for starting
Cultural Programmed in 2009
Art & Culture Programmed in 2008
Recitation by Youngest Student
of 'RAJARSHI' in 2009
Local committee members & 'RAJARSHI' Students
Enjoying Celebration of Foundation Day in 2006
Local committee members, Guardians & 'RAJARSHI'
students enjoying Annual Function in 2008
Inaugural songs for 'Swanirvar Prakalpa'
(Self Employment) in 2007
Senior Advisory committee member - Miss Bakul
Debnath and others attended Inaugural function
of 'Swanirvar Prakalpa' in 2007
General Knowledge-Question & Answer session
during the Annual Function in 2009
Distribution of Momento to Distinguished Guests after
Inaugural Function of 'Swanirvar Prakalpa' in 2007
Distinguished Guests Attended to Inaururate
'Swanirvar Prakalpa' in 2007
Inaugural songs by Mrs. Rebati Shaw * Mrs. Ghosh during the
cloth distribution Programed in 2003 conducted by
Anusilan Samity Noabad Village.
Science & Culture Programmed
in 2008
Distinguished Guests - Mrs. Bijoli Bera,
Mrs. Biva Parui & Others attended the
Foundation Day Celebration in 2007
Local M.L.A. Mr. Rathin Sarkar Attending
Inaugural Function of 'Swanirvar Prakalpa'
Rajyasabha Member of 'INDIA' Mr. Monoj
Bhattacharyaand other distinguished guests
sitting from right attended to inaugurate
'Swanirvar Prakalpa' in 2007
Cloth distribution by Rajarshi in 2004 Distribution of food to poor and needy on
1st January 2007
Independence Day celebration on 15th August
Cultural Program on 1st Jan 2008
Netaji’s Birthday Celebration, 23rd
Rowing of Plants on 7th
Rowing of plants on 15th August 2008
Inauguration of swanirvar Prakalpa on 7th
February, 2007
Morning Yoga Centre run by Rajarshi
Celebration of Rabindranath tagore’s Birthday
On 25th Baishak in the year 2005
Regular art and culture practice run by Rajarshi
Students Leaving the free Coaching Centre (evening) of RAJARSHI